SEF, Inc.

Unit Sets

SEF, Inc., can enhance your customer's business image with custom designs for purchase orders, invoices, and other carbonless forms or we can produce forms from a file or scannable art that you send to us. In addition, we can produce medical or technical forms for specific uses. SEF, Inc., also still provides a limited offering of carbon interleaved forms if your customer requires them.

We are a custom shop with the ability to produce paper color sequences outside of the standard White, Canary and Pink. If you need something unique give our customer service a call for pricing.

Ask about our affordable process color (CMYK) short run business forms. Color really serves to set your customer apart from the competition.

Call Annette or Marcie today at 800.633.1228 for a quote or to place an order today for your carbonless forms.

Did you know that you get better prices when you order forms in standard sizes? This dispenses with the need to trim the forms at the knife and therefore saves not only time but also reduces waste. You can be greener with a little forethought in designing business forms. Our standard sizes are shown below.

2 5/6" • 2 3/4" • 3 2/5" (3.4)

3 2/3" • 4 1/4" • 5 1/2"

5 2/3" • 7 1/3" • 8 1/2"

11" • 17" • 22"