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  • What if you could have most of the functionality of Microsoft Office for free? Well you can, with Libre Office. An offshoot of the Open Office Project, Libre Office provides the word processing, spreadsheets, drawing, and database tools needed to run a business today. Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Softmaker office is user friendly, reliable and offers a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, and an email client in their deluxe edition. The suite also comes with basic maker that allows you to write macros to automate repetive tasks.

    Softmaker Office boasts reliable compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft Office. They currently have a beta out for testing to bring their powerful office suite to the Android platform.

    Available for Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile and Windows CE. At only $99.00 for three users of their deluxe version, their office suite is a cost effective replacement for Microsoft Office. Biased? Yes I am.

  • The Big Kahuna of office suites. All the bells and whistles, along with their incomprehensible ribbon interface. (Its better because we said it was). I personally prefer to use Softmaker Office, even though I have Microsoft Office installed. If you trade files with others in the office or in the field it may be required that you have a copy or something at least compatible with Microsoft Office.